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Monday, January 03, 2011

Ever meet a paper collection that you just fall in love with???? That you love every single piece of paper and hope that your layout will do the beauty of the paper justice??? Non-Papercrafters can't understand but if your reading this I know that you do! Cosmo Cricket has fast become one of my favorite paper companies. When they released Crica 1934 they promoted it as a vintage collection but I feel it's more retro. As most of their papers are. Which I love! This collection has so many possibilities. Hope you like the layout and it does the paper justice.

Check out They even have a cut Easter egg on their website that is really funny.


Sandy Ang said...

I understand what you mean so well. Am a big Sassafra lover and have almost every paper from them for the past 15 collections. CC's Circa 1934 is pretty fabulous too!

Janee said...

I just checked out Sassafra. I've heard about it but never really got into it. But I checked out the website and the paper is soooo pretty. It's very girly and whimsical. Thanks for sharing. I definately have to order some of it!

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