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Saturday, January 21, 2012 Design Team Entry

Welcome to my Design Team Entry! Thanks for looking at my project. I hope you enjoy it!

This is a layout about my kids Taekwondo yellow belt test.  It was also published in the Nov 2011 Edition of Cricut Magazine.

Items Used:
Imagine Cartridge - Audrey
Cricut Cartridge - Everyday Paper Dolls
Cricut Cartridge - Pagoda
Cricut Cartridge - Gypsy Font
Cuttlebug Embossing Folder 5 x 7 - Polka Dots
Yellow and Orange ribbon

Black, White, Tan, Brown, Yellow and Red Cardstock by American Craft
Silver Rhinestones
Corner Rounder
Black Pen
Black Ink Pad
Cricut Imagine

Base Pages

  1. Print 2 pages of the red houndstooth pattern from the Audrey Imagine Cartridge page 5. Cut both pages to 11 ½ x 11 ½. Round corner of top left on one and top right on the other.
  2. With the cuttlebug and the Polka Dots 5x7 Embossing Folder, use white cardstock and emboss Qty. 2, 6” x 1 ¾” and Qty. 2, 5 ¼” x 1 ¾”. Lightly ink the embossed paper with a black ink pad. Adhere to bottom of both houndstooth paper.
  3. Adhere the ribbon to the top of the embossed paper on both pages.
  4. Adhere both pages to Qty. 2, 12x12 sheet of paper.  Tip: Do not center. Make flush with inside edge so when you put them together they are seamless.
  5. Using your gypsy and gypsy font. Weld title at 1 ½” using white and yellow cardstock with black cardstock as the shadow. Adhere along top of both pages. Tip: Leave the y and e in yellow unglued so you will be able to tuck the lantern strings under later.

Left Page:
  1. Add 6 photos to page. Here are the sizes clockwise.
    1. #1. 3 ¼”x5, #2. 3”x5”, #3. 2 ¾”x2 ¾”, #4. 2 ¼”x2 ¾”, #5 3 ½”x2 ¾”, #6 2 ¾”x2 ¾” and adhere to page.
  2. Using the Pagoda Cartridge cut and 4” using black and yellow cardstock. Adhere silver rhinestones. Tip: On Cut the string off and cut a new string 1/8” x 2”. Adhere to back of lamp. This is to make the lamp hang lower. Adhere both lamps and tuck strings under the y and e of the word yellow.
  3. For the little boy use the Everyday Paperdoll cartridge. All cuts are 4”.
    1. tan cardstock, (Headwear) Brown cardstock, White cardstock, Yellow cardstock, White Cardstock. Tip: Trim the so it is more like a shirt and not a long robe. Draw details on the robe and face with a black pen. Adhere with pop dots.

Right Page:
  1. Add 4 photos to page. Here are the sizes clockwise.
    1. #1 4”x5”, #2 1 ¾”x2 ¾”, #3 3 ¼”x2 ¾”, #4 5”x2 ¾”
  1. Using the Pagoda Cartridge cut 4” using black and yellow cardstock. Adhere silver rhinestones.
  2. Using the Pagoda Cartridge cut flipped 2 ¼” using black and yellow cardstock. Adhere silver rhinestones to center of flowers on Tip: Cut the bottom two flowers and little branches off. Also Freehand an extension of the main black branch. When adhering hide seam from branch behind which is step 4. So I would advise to adhere to <Temple> then adhere to base page.
  3. Using the Pagoda Cartridge cut <Temple> 5” using black and red cardstock with white cardstock as the shadow. Adhere silver rhinestones.
  4. Using the Pagoda Cartridge cut 2 ½” and adhere with pop dots.


Andrea Amu said...

Good luck with the dt application, Janee! I sure loved that layout in the Cricut magazine! Also love what you had published in the Holiday issue too!

Janee said...

Ahh Thanks Andrea.. That means alot from a talented gal like you! =)

Stampin' Meg said...

Good luck Janee-This is a FABULOUS lo!
Ditto what Andrea said!

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