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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't call it a come back!!!

Alright so here I am back at my unloved, forgotten blog. Here is my 2010 attempt to make you AWESOME!!!! So here I go. I am planning on posting a new layout of mine every two weeks. And a re-cap of whats going on with me.

So on to the recap...
I decided last year to get out in the scrapbooking world and see if people thought my layouts were as good as I thought they were. Yep I really have grown the past few years in scrapbooking. Found my individual voice. Amazingly this happened when I cancelled all my magazine subscriptions and stopped really looking at other peoples work for inspiration. It is just me. No to say I don't still love to look at amazing artist's work and learn a thing or two.
So I decided to enter on of my layouts into the Creating Keepsakes Pasadena Convention layout contest. I won second place. Check out the posting... It's a badge of honor Creating Keepsakes
So then I decided I wanted to be part of a design team. Not just any team.... But the holy grail of design teams.... Creative What What.... And can you believe it. I got accepted as a 2009-2010 Design Team member. That's Insane. They like me they really like me. So how lucky am I? I get to play with the latest cricut cartridges and share my work every month. I am 3 months into it already and I still pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming.... Check out the website to see my goodies and the goodies from the rest of the amazing design team.
Creative Xpress Blog
Hope you like my stuff!


The Paper Princess said...

Hi Janee,

First of all, welcome (or welcome back!) to the wonderful world of blogging - I'm so happy to hear of all of the wonderful things that are currently happening in your life! Congrats on your Design Team position (those of us who know you have always known just how talented a scrapper you are!) - your success is well deserved! It was great seeing you a few months back and I hope we have a chance to scrap together in the upcoming months!

When you have a chance, stop by Create With Joy and say hello - I'd love to welcome you to my awesome community of Kindred Spirits!

Ramona :-)

Janee said...

Oh wow Ramona. That is so sweet! I will definatly check out your blog. The next crop i am going to is Ginger's in March. I hope to see you there!

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