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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

So my scrap closet has now become a mess again. Thinking I really need to get some clipups and get my closet organized again.


Clip it Up Jumbo

Each 18.5" Clip it Up Jumbo comes complete with -15.5" High Center column -12" Diameter Base -15" Diameter Metal Ring on Rotating Arm -80 Chromed Metal Swivel Clips -25 Section Tabs with Do-It-Yourself Labels -Handle Perfect for 12"x12" paper, kits and larger items.

Plus they are having all these sales this month!

•July 4-10 ~ 40% off the Clip it Up Jumbo
•July 11-17 ~ 40% off the Clip it Up Mini
•July 18-24 ~ 40% off the Clip it Up Swinging Wall Arm, Under the Shelf Rod, and Wall Mount
•July 25-31~ 40% off the Clip it Up Main Base & Upper Tier
*Retail customers only and not valid with any other offers.

Hmmm... The possabilites are endless.


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